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Connecting Healthcare to the Future


Connecting with members of the healthcare community (consumers, clinicians/specialists and/or healthcare vendors) should be seamless and accessible no matter where you are, or how complex your clients needs.  
The C3 team understands that efficient and effective healthcare requires detailed and timely collaboration through a full continuum of care to connect, share and appropriately evaluate sensitive/confidential information for mutual clients/patients as well as the coordinating services or healthcare products with vendors and healthcare professionals.

The Story

C3 was founded on the principle that healthcare professionals and services should be easily accessible to any individual no matter what their barriers are or what community they live in.  


That is why Community Care Connection has developed both a way to securely connect with healthcare providers as well as a structured practice management software for seamless care for the communities they serve.   

Practice Management Scheduling


Meet the Founders

Justin spent 18 years working as a behaviour and rehab specialist with the traumatic brain injury population, as well as with individuals with mental health and dual diagnosis.

Justin Kline - CEO


VPE - Goran

Goran is an official developer contributor for LibGDX (a very popular game framework) and has extensive experience working with frameworks and editors such as but not limited to AndEngine, Unity, and Unreal engine.



C3 in the News

C3 has been making waves throughout different sectors. Click on the logos to read or watch our latest media coverage.

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City TV News
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