Virtual Reality Meets C3 - Connecting the Dots in your Clients Care

Updated: May 18

Utilizing the power of the C3 Customizable Platform just got Better

C3 partners with NeuroFit to deliver virtual reality therapy to its clients.

“By bringing the best in VR Assessments to the best in EMR Software we are able to give a true 360 degree of our clients impairments while working with them to rebuild.”

The understanding and exploitation of the human eye can be used to both free up rendering resources (leading to improved performance or visual fidelity), as well as providing new and exciting opportunities for human-computer interaction.

The Virtual Rehabilitation Toolthat brings patients and professionals together

Neurofit brings a full suite assessment tools which helps individualize rehabilitation to meet each person's unique needs in recovery. By providing scientifically supported, data-driven cognitive exercises to showcase patient recovery in seconds, with deeper insights into their recovery progress, we are able to combine that data into C3's data reporting capabilities, for treatment teams, legal representatives and med briefs alike.