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Our Features

Start making your practice or business work for you!  Contact us for a demo and/or pricing, and find out how C3's Practice Management Software solutions can assist you to run a more efficient practice big or small, while helping to improve the outcomes for people you serve.


Seamless scheduling that is easy for providers and clinic owners to utilize.  All calendars will automate the billing and payroll functions, allowing for seamless administration for the clinic and its providers.

Automated Billing and Payroll Acceleration

Billing reports can be customized by the clinic and/or practice owner allowing them to automate billing around their specific scope while collecting the business data necessary to grow their practice.   

Customizable Documentation and Reporting

C3 utilized a comprehensive share folder system that allows for compliant documentation archiving and sharing internally with every provider in your practice.   C3 offers a custom form builder so that all reporting and and documentation can be templated specifically to the needs of the clinic or practice.   All documentation and archiving is compliant with HIPPA, PIPEDA and PHIPA regulations ensuring that your practice remains compliant at all times.

Provider Profile - Client/Patient Profile - Administrative Profile

C3 provides a 360 view of care.   There are three user interfaces:


  • The Clinic Owner (Super Admin),  The clinic/practice owner can control what other users have access to through a comprehensive permissions ability

  • The Provider (Admin) has a profile and access to tthe client/patients assigned to that professional.  

  • The patient/client profile allows for the patient client to communicate with their providers. The providers are able to share folders, coordiate scheduling and send tasks to their patients allowing for a more inclusive delivery of care. 

Telehealth Integrations

Cross-platform compatibility.  When onboarding a clinic, C3 integrates the providers current Telehealth platform so that it seamlessly can create Telehealth appointments and reminders internally.  For example, C3 integrates with ZOOM and Microsoft teams. 

Seamless Internal Communication

Cross-platform compatibilities allow for providers to share folder, documents, messages and set deadlines for both the providers and the clients they serve. Internal communication is important when there are several different professionals assigned to one client.  C3 allows for a multidisciplinary approach while providing the client a user interface to interact with their providers.  this can be seen through an internal inbox as well as corresponding SMS/Email notifications.

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