Connecting Healthcare
Communities Everywhere

C3 is connecting an integrated network of healthcare providers to the communities they serve through a secure and compliant platform ( HIPPA PHIPA, PIPEDA)-Become a C3 Vendor and help us build a more connected healthcare community!

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What can a C3 User do?

1.  Locate/filter healthcare providers based on their current location or in their community, as well as by healthcare service or specialty needed.  

2. Send confidential and/or sensitive documentation ( medical docs, records, diagnosis information etc.) directly to healthcare providers securely and without fear of anyone gaining access to it. 

3. Receive live time status updates on their sent referrals from healthcare providers, keeping them up to date on how they are progressing with the users request.

4. Rate their experience with the healthcare provider that had a transaction with. 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Healthcare Providers & Vendors are building the map together.

What can a C3 healthcare vendor do?

1.  Place themselves on the vendor map, as an independent clinician or a clinic owner.

2. C3 enables vendors to send and receive referrals with the confidence and knowledge that they are operating on a system which meets all of PHIPA, HIPPA and PIPEDA compliance.

3. As a vendor your able to keep the team updated by utilizing the live status updates on patient referrals

4. All publicly entities qualify for a FREE Vendor package. 

(Hospitals, Non-Profit Agencies)